Personal Training or Group/Buddy training

Chi Moves specialises in both one-to-one and group fitness programmes. 


I will design a fitness routine to specifically cater for your needs and goals or get together with some buddys and form a group, and i can develop a specific program for you all.


Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner or just wanting to develop a personal daily exercise plan, I  can customise the perfect routine for you.

Personal Exercise Plan

Do you want to have a simple, gentle exercise plan that you can incorporate into your busy daily life to help you de stress, stay calm and feel good? 


Then perhaps you could try incorporating Chi Kung into your daily life  


I can develop a Personalised program of chi kung to enable you to practice 15 - 20 minutes a day to improve overall health and specific health issues. 


Start with a program of 3 private one to one sessions (one hour sessions)

Includes personalised program of exercises with exercises listed for reference later


Cost from £250 depending on location in London 


OR Try out session - from £65, you can book online on paypal page under courses. And arrange a time and day by email or phone. See contacts page

Benefits of program include:

• Personalised exercise routine 
• 15 minute program 
• Can be practiced anywhere anytime! 
• No special clothing or equipment needed! 
• Simple program that can be followed easily 
• Powerful preventative health meausure 
• De stress 


Benefits of regular practice include:

• Build and enhance chi flow 
• Improve health and well being 
• Build immune sysem 
• Improve mental focus and creativity

Secure Payment by Pay Pal for Individual one to one sessions and Personal Exercise Plans

Personal Training

Got questions about our programmes?

We're happy to address all your questions or concerns. Call us at 07780 667849 or use our contact form.


If you wish to formulate a group of friends/buddys then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your

requirements and location so we can work out the best options for your goals.


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Private One to One Sessions

Cant make a course or workshop then why not try out our PEP, personalised exercise plan, which consists of 3 private one hour sessions and a plan of chi kung exercises to give you a daily routine of 15 -20 minutes practice. The exercises

will be chosen for your particular needs.




If you have your own group of friend or work colleagues who wish to learn either Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Mindfulness or Meditation, then a course can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact Faeeza on: 07780 667849


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