Live a life of purpose and meaning

Are you at a crossroads, not sure which way to go or perhaps uncertain of the way ahead and question whether you are going in the right direction?


Or perhaps you do not feel a sense of satisfaction anymore with your work or life?


This is then when a Life coach can help. I wish to assist those who want to find more meaning to their lives, find their passion, their soul calling and discover simply, what they were born to do. 


It might be a new career path, new job, learning new skills or starting a business. Not sure? Thats ok....lets me help you find it.


What we need to find together is your path and your gift. And then how you can express this in the most creative and fulfilling way.


Call me for a FREE 15 MINUTE DISCUSSION to see if i can be of help as a catalyst for change and your transformation. I am here to help you find clarity and a way forward from where you are to where you want to be.


Book a coaching session if you feel we can work together.


Further information and costs will be avaiable when we talk.

However, if you are based in Ealing OR Chiswick you can book directly on the BOOK NOW PAGE


Look forward to hearing from you!





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Courses for January 2019



Private One to One Sessions

Cant make a course or workshop then why not try out our PEP, personalised exercise plan, which consists of 3 private one hour sessions and a plan of chi kung exercises to give you a daily routine of 15 -20 minutes practice. The exercises

will be chosen for your particular needs.




If you have your own group of friend or work colleagues who wish to learn either Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Mindfulness or Meditation, then a course can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact Faeeza on: 07780 667849


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