Welcome to Chi Moves,  whether you're a beginner or a more experienced student, I am trained to assist you in effectively learning new skills and exercises to use in your daily life to bring you into a more balanced and improved state of well being.


Conveniently located in the heart of Chiswick and Ealing, Chi Moves provides courses and workshops with a personal touch. We also cover other areas in greater London or now on Zoom!


The benefits of Chi Kung and Tai Chi include:


  • Clear and peaceful mind

  • Relaxed yet energised body

  • Calm emotions

  • Inner connection 

  • Improved health and well being

  • Better balance and co-ordination

  • Exericses that can be done anywhere, anytime

  • No need for any equipment, mat or special clothing

  • All exercises done standing, no floor exercises

  • Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness

  • Benefits can be felt with a daily practice of just 15 - 20 minutes day!


What I do

I am trained to assist you in learning whether you are a beginner or not and you can join one of our courses or workshops or have a personal exercise plan developed where I will listen to your needs and develop a daily exercise routine individually designed for you to meet your goals.


Courses and Workshops are generally held in West London. Currently in Ealing and Chiswick.


But some private courses and Corporate Classes are on Zoom currently


Private one to one sessions can be arranged in London or surrounding areas by arrangement.



How We Can Help You

Whether an individual, group or company we can offer training tailored to your needs. Besides the options below we have two online courses for you.


NOW AVAILABLE at Online School - see below for link to Online School

Listen to this short audio on tai chi for beginners

Check this out on Chirbit



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It has been a lovely experience to work with Faeeza on two Tai Chi courses. When I joined the class, it was as a complete beginner, and Faeeza helped each of us to understand both the moves involved and, just as crucially, the philosophy and frame of mind that accompanies this kind of energy work. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes and learned a great deal. Tasmin Little OBE


I have found the benefits to be a general feeling of wellbeing and more awareness of my own body. Elizabeth M.


The course has helped with my balance problems and keeps my stress levels down. I enjoy the meditation most. Joanna S.


It has given me peace of mind and attitude. Has helped particularly with balance, fluidity of movement plus mental agility. Gwyneth W.


I sleep much better on the days when I do my tai chi! I enjoy the calmness and feeling of oneness. Sue C.


Helps me to slow down and remind me of whats important! Heather S.


Without Tai Chi and Chi kung, I would not be able to cope so well. My cholesterol level has lowered. I very much enjoy the group energy and love the grace of the movements. Its poetry in motion. Ruth S.


I have become more relaxed. I enjoy the time with others who enjoy tai chi and that i feel connected to everything around me. Faeeza's teaching is always excellent. And i appreciate her patience in explaining the movements.

Thelma N.

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