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Explore our current 4 options

Calm Heart Clear Mind Balanced Life

This is a comprehensive course with over 16 class videos, audios, coaching exercises and handouts

Tai Chi for beginners - course to support your learning

This course is designed to help you learn Infinte Tai Chi Stage 1 and has important support material to enhance your practice and understanding of this graceful, internal energy art.

Still and Moving Meditations - Qigong and Healing Classes

This is a collection of recent Qigong and Medlitation classes held in 2022, which you can now access at an affordable monthly cost to enable frequent weekly practice and accessiblity 

Heartfelt Presence Course

This Qigong and Meditation Course is designed to assist in the cultivation of your awareness, intention, mindfulness and presence.

You will be able to learn specific Qigong to open the energy of the heart and facilitate healing within.


Chi Kung /Qigong info

Chi Kung comprises gentle meditative movements combined with deep breathing to enhance the flow of Chi around the meridians in the body. Tai Chi is similar to Chi Kung but involves learning a sequence of movements, where there is more coordination of feet and arms. 


Chi Kung exercises also known as Chi Gung or Qi Gong, are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. All the exercises are done standing up so also suitable for those who have difficulties doing floor exercises such as yoga and pilates.


For more information on Chi Kung please see the downloads on the Student Info page.



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