Students comments

"Amazing, I learnt all 5 TaiChi stages in two years!


ChiKung and TaiChi became a part of my everyday's life. Doing TaiChi has been very rewarding because I found my inner peace. I also feel more relaxed and focused on my work. 


Faeeza is a wonderful teacher who patiently explains us every movement. In each Tai Chi class,  Faeeza firstly practises some Chi Kung exercises to calm our minds. That is an excellent technique to cultivate and balance our group chi before continuing with Tai Chi.


Thank you Faeeza :) Anna K 

November 2012



Somehow she has the ability to show (teach) how to use breathing in and out, in combination with simply circular movements to raise your consciousness and spirit. I am often too busy to practise a new movement between lessons so it will take me longer than usual to memorise the Long form but in truth I am content to be so slow because Faeeza never judges your progress.( She says "everyones Tai Chi journey is different") and it will mean I can spend more lessons with this Teacher. Julie Barrow

Faeeza's calm manner puts you at your ease straight away making her classes a joy to be in. I tend to be the type of person who likes to try new courses but usually moves on to something else after just one term. Suffice to say, I'm now starting my 3rd term with Faeeza. Not only because of the benefits of Tai Chi itself but mainly because the positive and healing atmosphere she creates. I highly recommend her classes to everyone but especially to those who are new to Tai Chi or who have tried it before and are a little rusty. Francesca

I knew very little about Tai Chi and nothing about Chi Kung when I started - I am now in love with both! Faeeza is a brilliant teacher and person and works with every member's strengths and weaknesses to get the best out of everyone. I am about to start my fourth course with Faeeza and hopefully many more to come. She has a beautiful way of describing everything and we all feel comfortable in asking as many questions as we need to. Although Faeeza treats us all as individuals, we have a great raport with each other in the class and work together to achieve results. Sometimes I almost cannot imagine that there was a time in my life where I did not do Tai Chi, it all feels to natural and integral to my daily life - this is all thanks to Faeeza's guidance and assistance. Sahrette Sayman

What have you found to be the benefits to you personally?:

Peace and concentration. I just like Tai Chi its beautiful to watch and do. Nayla R 

I feel calmer and have balance at last! Kate F 

Ability to get away from my every worrying thoughts. Jane B 

Tai chi has an energising effect and also relieves stress. Michelle G 

Peace and balance in the mornings. Feeling the chi energy flow in the movements. Karen.W 

Learning to slow down. Less angry and calming down. Arafa Q 

Tai Chi has played a major part in helping move in the direction of improving myself. It transcends beyond the benefits of physical health, helping to improve all aspects of ones life.I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to study this philosophy under your guidance. The subject is only as good as the person who teaches it! I feel stroner, mentally balanced for longer periods and more confident in my ability to tackle lifes 'imperfections'. Yasin 

Being calmer and feeling more centred. Keven E 

More spaciousness and calm, softness in my body mind. Liza W 

I am more calm and tend not to rush as much. Stephen F 

Improved sense of well being. R & G P 

Absolutely! Faeeza explains everything extremely well and always tells us what everything will do for spirit and mind as well as body. I have found something I can rely on and turn to make me feel better (calmer, more grounded, at one with life) when I am all over the place. Victoria M 



There has been a marked improvement in my stiff neck. I also generally feel more suppple. 

I suffer from Hughes Syndrome and tai chi has improved my lack of balance caused by the syndrome incredibly. It has also helped with my joint pains and not overstretched any muscles. Kate F 

Yes, I have had mild asthma and found that when jogging I am less limited by my disorder. Also I am sure that in conjunction with jogging the tai chi has had a positive influence on my blood pressure. Yasin 

Its very helful for IBS - the belly breathing and slowing down! Liza W 

I feel more relaxed physically and mentally and stronger after the session. Thanks for the energy you bring to the class! Maria B.H. 

I feel my back is more supple. Victoria M 
ANY OTHER COMMENTS? Very good teacher, she's patient and everyone gets to learn in their own time. Nayla R

"Learning and practicing Chi Kung is a benefit, helps to keep me focussed." M. Richards 

"Has a balancing effect, increases my energy." L. Gray 

"It was more enjoyable than I expected. I seem less stressed. I really enjoyed the short form. I have done other types of tai chi before, and they were not as good." A. Parry 

"I have a better posture and found it very relaxing." J. Whiteley 

"I sleep a lot better after a class. Learning the short form and taking time out every week—something to look forward to." S. Burnell 
"Chi Kung has been wonderful, it has helped me physically and mentally. My energy level has improved. The teaching is very relaxing and invigorating." T. Dragadze

Very calming, lovely voice and graceful teacher! Feel encouraged and reassured when i get it wrong! Jane B